Criterion Child Enrichment

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Child Care

Criterion's Rise & Shine Academy early education and care program is located in Milford, Massachusetts. Rise & Shine Academy (RSA) programs provide quality child care services to families of children between 1 month and 5 years of age (pre-Kindergarten age).

Each RSA classroom offers developmentally appropriate programs designed to promote skill development and social competency in a safe, nurturing environment. Classroom teachers are certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and have experience caring for and educating young children.

Both RSA programs are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

RSA programs are designed to promote early communication and literacy skills. Classrooms provide a language rich environment that facilitates the development of listening and expressive communication skills. A rich array of activities provides opportunities to learn new vocabulary, develop new concepts and establish effective social skills.

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The Infant and Toddler Classrooms are designed for exploration and discovery. The daily schedule is individualized to meet each child’s needs, with time for active play, small group activities, rest and cuddling. Music, art, movement, reading and play combine to offer frequent opportunities for language enrichment and the development of attention and listening skills. A consistent and stable routine allows each child to develop at his or her own pace.

The Preschool Classrooms offer a wide variety of materials and activities, providing an opportunity for exploration and acquisition of developmentally appropriate concepts and skills. Special emphasis is placed on vocabulary enrichment, letter and sound recognition and exposure to a wide variety of children’s literature. Math and science activities are included as part of the daily routine. Older preschoolers engage in activities that emphasize pre-reading, reading, writing and math skills. Development of listening and problem solving skills are an integral part of every activity. Classroom themes serve to develop a comprehensive view of the world and an awareness of cultural diversity. Children in the preschool classrooms learn to work together in both small and large groups, establishing the social competence required for later school success.

The Rise and Shine Academies are funded by private tuition and income eligible vouchers.  The programs are licensed, and the teaching staff certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.

Criterion Child Care Program Locations:

Rise and Shine Academy
375 Fortune Blvd.
Milford, MA 01757
(508) 478-5288
License #8115695& #8115696


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