Criterion Child Enrichment

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Quality Assurance

Criterion Child Enrichment contracts with the Human Services Management Corporation (HSMC) for the provision of quality assurance services.

Criterion's Performance Management Program (Quality Assurance & Improvement) is designed to assist agency personnel in the goal of offering the highest quality care in the most consistent fashion possible. Quality Assurance review of all levels of management within a context of regulatory compliance, agency policies/procedures, and agency goals/objectives is a vital tool used to monitor quality care and identify areas for improvement.

The Performance Management program provides comprehensive monitoring through:

  • Efficient oversight methods that acknowledge good practices
  • Technical assistance to agency personnel
  • Identification and resolution of common areas of concern
  • Assistance to agency personnel in applying regulations

Areas Performance Management review includes:

  • Agency compliance with organizational policies, processes, standards, and outcomes (in administrative, business, human resources, marketing, facility development/maintenance, and program operations areas)
  • Agency compliance with licensing and regulatory standards
  • Agency follow-up on action plan recommendation(s)/directive(s) from prior Quality Assurance review(s) (if applicable)
  • Agency follow-up on targeted initiatives specified in annual Program Improvement Plan (generated from the results of the annual consumer satisfaction survey)

Results from Performance Management Review:

Quality Assurance review findings are presented in narrative and statistical report form to the President, the Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Early Childhood Operations. If applicable, action plan recommendation(s)/directive(s) are formulated for presentation to the agency's management team. Agency personnel/departments performance and consistent compliance with standards are recognized in the Quality Assurance report and through the personnel performance evaluation process. This allows for efficacious and efficient progressive supervision and issue resolution.


Quality Assurance reviews are conducted on a monthly basis throughout the year.

Other Services Provided by the Quality Assurance Consultant:

  • Consumer Satisfaction Survey Development/Analysis/Reporting
  • Targeted Performance Reviews

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